Frequently Asked Questions

We ship every order placed Monday – Friday within 48 hours of it being placed or we will refund you the shipping cost. We at Relentless Triggers do not believe that customers should have to wait days, even weeks or months for an order to be shipped. We only sell products that we have in stock to our customers!

Yes, Every Tac-Con 3MR comes with the 3 position safety as well as a set of anti-walk pins?

As it stands the ATF letter is still valid and the ATF has not contacted Tac-Con saying otherwise.

The Tac-con 3MR is legal because it has a primary and secondary sear that is why it is legal and not on the ATF ban list like so many other Reset triggers.

While no official test has been done at this time, the tac-con trigger tends to run slower than other reset triggers due to the learning curve it requires.

This trigger only get better the more it is shot, there are surfaces to mate together and the black oxide finish on the trigger is a little rough so oil and time is your friend. There is a learning curve to the Tac-Con 3MR as well due to the secondary sear on the trigger. This is why the trigger is legal and the ATF wont kick in your door and shoot your dog at 2 AM.

At Relentless Triggers we focus on trying to get shipping out as fast as possible! We aim to have all packages out within 48 business hours! (3-4 Business days). Most packages go out before this time frame however some take longer than others! As soon as tracking is assigned it will be emailed to you!
USPS can take up to 5 business days to scan the package and move it to a distribution center. Just because a package hasn't been scanned does not mean that it wasn't dropped off as USPS.