Black Widow Trigger by Tommy Trigger


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100% Made in the USA

Compatible with: AR15 AR10 AR9

Adjustable Weight of Trigger Pull from 3.5lbs – 5.5lbs Very clean crisp break. Quick reset, feels like it has zero over travel and a very short take-up.

  • Single Stage
  • 4.0lb Factory Set Trigger Pull Weight
  • High Grade Aircraft Billet Aluminum Body
  • Heat Treated Tool Steel Internal Parts with a Rockwell Hardness of 55-58RC
  • Moly Baked for Two Hours for The Highest Dry-Film Lubricity and a Micro Hardness of 69-72RC
  • Friction Coefficient of Approximately .08
  • Manganese Phosphate Treated

Tommy Triggers Black Widow

The QLP, Black Widow and the Blue “Winning” Triggers are the original offerings from Tommy Triggers. These were designed and manufactured long before the Tommy FRT and the AK EZ-Sleeve Triggers.

What few people know is that Tommy has been kind of a mad scientist hiding out in his lab for the last 20+ years creating some really nice triggers. Tommy is like most designers and small batch manufacturers; he does not know or understand the marketing world and has no interest in learning about it. This is where Relentless Triggers stepped up and reached an agreement with Tommy to handle his Marketing and Distribution for his existing triggers the QLP, Black Widow and the Winning “Blue” Trigger, as well as the newest trigger he is offering “The AK E-Z Sleeve Trigger.

The Black Widow is the Mid-level for Tommy Triggers, it is factory set to a 4.0lb and is adjustable from 3.5-5.5lbs. Due to the way the trigger is mounted and adjusted during installation the Black Widow trigger does not require Anti-Walk pins, this is achieved by way of the two tensioning screws in the bottom of the trigger sled housing. The trigger is a single stage trigger with a very short reset and almost zero overtravel. The trigger housing is made from Billet Aluminum, the trigger parts are Tool steel that are then heat treated to Rockwell 55-58 hardness and then Moly Baked for Two Hours for the Highest Dry-Film Lubricity and a Micro Hardness of 69-72RC.