DeltaV Gen2 3MR Trigger

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Discover an incredible performance upgrade with the DeltaV Gen 2 3MR trigger, powered by TacCon technology assembly crafted for AR-15/AR-10 platforms, outperforming its predecessor. Expanding on the original assisted reset functionality, the Gen 2 improves the reset characteristic by extending the reset force time on the trigger assembly. It’s essential to emphasize that the DeltaV Gen 2 3MR is not a forced reset trigger; instead, it stands alone as the most effective assisted reset trigger ever developed. This recognition is underscored by the explicit approval from the ATF for TacCon’s technology, solidifying its position as the exclusive assisted reset trigger technology endorsed for non-NFA applications.

Comes with BATFE Approval letter.

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Experience a significant advancement in performance with the Delta V Gen 2 3MR trigger assembly designed for AR-15/AR-10 platforms, surpassing the capabilities of its predecessor. Building upon the original assisted reset functionality, the Delta V Gen 2 enhances the reset characteristic by prolonging the reset force time on the trigger assembly. It’s crucial to note that the Gen 2 3MR is not a forced reset trigger; rather, it stands as the most efficient assisted reset trigger ever crafted. This distinction is reinforced by the ATF’s explicit approval, making it the sole assisted reset trigger technology endorsed for non-NFA use.

The DeltaV Gen 2 3MR comes equipped with an ambidextrous selector compatible with firearms utilizing AR-15/AR-10 small pin .154″ mil-spec style fire control groups. This drop-in 3-mode fire control system offers Safe, Semi-Automatic, and Delta V’s patented enhanced 3rd Mode. The 3rd mode introduces a positive reset, significantly reducing split times between shots. This reset is achieved by channeling force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly, assisting the trigger back onto the front sear and ensuring the fastest reset possible. Both semi and 3rd mode positions feature a non-adjustable 4.5-pound trigger pull weight for consistent performance.

Please NOTE:  The DeltaV Gen 2 3MR differs in several key ways from a FRT. One characteristic, critical to the Gen 2 3MR’s status as a legal assisted reset trigger is a functional disconnect. It allows the shooter to pull through each shot and engage the disconnect so that, no matter how fast his or her split times are, the trigger will not “run away”. In contrast, during the operation of a FRT, the shooter cannot meet the legal requirement of one round fired per trigger pull.


  • Compatible with Weapons using AR-15 Mil-Spec style Fire Control Groups
  • 3 Mode Drop-In Trigger
  • 3rd Mode Has a Vastly Improved Positive Reset Characteristic
  • Standard Semi Auto is a Match Grade 4 1/2 Pound Pull Rate
  • Offers Zero Take-Up & No Overtravel
  • Four Selector Paddles of Various Length/Thickness
  • Made in America
  • Components are Coated with NP3 (Nickel Teflon)
  • BATFE Compliant/Non-NFA
  • Powered by TacCon technology


  • 3 Mode Billet Selector
  • 1/16th hex wrench for fine tuning

*Due to variances in weapon manufacturer tolerances, some adjustment may be necessary to prevent trigger malfunctions. The Gen 2 3MR ships with a 1/16th hex for fine-tuning the hammer plunger to prevent malfunctions.

Delta V 3MR is one of the newest and best Assisted Reset Triggers on the market. The Delta V 3MR is very different than the original Tac-Con 3MR because the Delta V is able to be adjusted due to a proprietary system on the hammer allowing the shooter to be able to adjust the feel of the trigger a little more! The Delta V 3MR is one of the hottest triggers on the market right now and it comes with an ATF approval letter! The Flex 3MR is not going to have the adjustable hammer!

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