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TagMeThe Industry’s First Movement & Notification Solution

Get notified of movement of your firearms & valuables—Anytime, Anywhere.

  • TagMe can be installed on any firearm, firearm safety equipment, or weapon transforming them into “Smart Assets”.
  • TagMe is not a tracking device or system – it is a smart movement detection technology in a small and flexible package.
  • TagMe detects movement or tampering of your “Smart Assets” and notifies you through a simple and intuitive mobile app.
  • Safety & keeping guns out of the wrong hands is a main goal for all law abiding firearm owners.
  • Let Ocufii help you Be in the Know.


In the U.S. alone…

  • A gun is stolen every 90 seconds resulting in over 380k stolen guns every year, many of which are later used to commit violent crimes.
  • Over 6,000 children were killed or injured due to gunfire in 2022.
  • Over 500 people unintentionally died by gun injuries in 2022, with accidental gun deaths occurring mainly to those under 25 years old.

Many of these gun accidents, shootings, and thefts take place while firearm owners are away from their residences or places of business. Although movement detection and notification technology has improved over the years, it has not made it into the firearm industry to address this challenge.

Ocufii understands this challenge and has developed TagMe to bridge this technological gap by keeping firearms owners “in the know” of any movement & tampering of their firearms.


About Ocufii

Ocufii is a technology company founded to fill the market need of knowing and keeping tabs of your firearms and weapons any time, any where.

Safety is the number one priority of every law-abiding firearm owner in the U.S.

Our goal is to design, develop, and deliver innovative solutions to every firearm owner in the U.S. and around the world. We believe that technology is ready and can assist in creating a safer environment for our children, families, and communities.

Knowing in real time of unauthorized access and movement of your firearms and weapons is no longer a thought or dream. With decades of experience in the IoT space, Ocufii’s team developed TagMe to make this dream a reality. TagMe, a patent pending solution, bridges the gap between technology and practicality by keeping firearm owners “in the know” of their firearms at all times. Utilizing advanced movement technology, TagMe is not a tracking or surveillance system but a movement detection solution that fits any firearm in the market.

Made for firearm owners, by firearm owners, Ocufii is excited to bring innovation to our industry!