EZ AK Trigger by Tommy Triggers


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Tommy Triggers “EZ Sleeve” AK drop in will fit 95% of AK receiver. It features a 3.5-5 lbs adjustable trigger pull, adjustments for creep, take up and a few others adjustments to help fit into most AK receivers.

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The Tommy Triggers AK EZ Sleeve Trigger  

What few people know is that Tommy has been kind of a mad scientist hiding out in his lab for the last 20+ years creating some really nice triggers.  

The AK EZ Sleeve Trigger is designed to fit around 95% of AK’s on the market today by using its Patent Pending Eccentric hammer pin which allows the pin to be clocked into the correct position for the AK being used. It has an adjustable take up and adjustable trigger pull weight, all Tommy Triggers are made in a way that once installed they are rock steady in how they are secured with no play or worry of coming loose.

The Tommy Triggers AK EZ Sleeve Trigger is one if not the most refined AK trigger to date, as it is 100% made in the USA and 100% machined, there are no MIM (Metal Injection Molded) or Cast metal parts, both of which can and do have voids in the process and do not offer the same precision and quality that a CNC machine offers. 

With this newest trigger Tommy has designed and is manufacturing it shows he is serious and is here to stay, he has plans for more triggers to be released in the future and if his past triggers are anything to go by then the future is bright with quality produced drop in triggers at a reasonable price.