One of the easiest, fastest and cost-efficient ways to improve a rifle is with the trigger. Rifle triggers are available for many different types, manufacturers and models. One of the most common rifle triggers is for the AR-15, with so many aftermarket parts available for the AR-15 it is commonly referred to as the Honda Civic of the gun industry. Triggers are available that drop the weight of the trigger pull, shorten the reset, Binary (pull and release fire) and the Forced Reset Trigger (at this time there is only ONE legal FRT and that is the Taccon trigger). A forced reset trigger works by the finger being helped / forced back into the trigger reset position ready for the finger to fire another round in rapid succession. An upgraded AR-15 trigger is a great way to improve performance on your firearm. These upgraded triggers will allow for a smoother, lighter and more crisp pull of the trigger.

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DeltaV Gen2 3MR Trigger

Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $329.99.

Tac-Con 3MR & G-Flex Combo

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PGD ARCH Level IIIA Helmet & Tac-Con 3MR Trigger Combo

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Ambi. Safety Selector

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $34.99.